• Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Dead Zone PVE

A 7 days to die game server

In Game Commands

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Deadzone Commands

General CommandsDescriptionCostTimeout / Cooldown
/bedPlace down your bedroll first, then type $bed to travel back to it.1 min
/homeSame as bed, but sets a temporary waypoint
/returnReturns you to where you used /home
/calladmin <message>Send a ticket with your message to the Admin Team.–
/gimmeReceive a random reward.60 min
/gimmiedrinkReceive 2 goldenrod tea.60 min
/gimmiepieReceive 2 blueberry pie.60 min
/voteReceive your vote certificate and deadbucks reward for voting for the DeadZone server at 7daystodie-servers.comOnce every day
/fixlegInstantly heals a broken leg.60 min
/fixarmInstantly heals a broken arm60 min
/who <1-500>Find out who has been in a certain radius around your current location.  Choose a smaller value for more accurate results.
/day7Find out how long until the next horde night.
/friendsGive all players a steak dinner and smoothie250DB5hrs
/teamGive all players 100x 7.62 HP ammo500DB1hrs
/team7Give all players 100x 7.62 AP ammo700DB1hrs
/team9Give all players 100x 9mm ammo500DB1hrs
/Team44Give all players 100x 44 ammo500DB1hrs
/giftGive all players a gift box100DB24hrs
/peachpieGive all players a Peach Pie100DB24hrs
/lunchGive all players Libby’s lunch100DB24hrs
Waypoint CommandsDescriptionCostTimeout / Cooldown
All players can create 5 waypoints.  Donate to the server to increase the number of waypoints you can make.
/settele <name>Creates a waypoint at your location.
/tele <name>Travel to your saved waypoint.1 min
/removetele <name>Delete the waypoint.
/renametele <old><new>Change the name of your waypoint.
/telepublic <name>Toggle your waypoint to public so that all players can access it.
/teleprivate <name>Toggle your waypoint to private so that only you can access it (this is the default setting for new waypoints).
/listteleRequest a list of all of your waypoints, including their public / private status.
/listtele publicRequest a list of all known public teleports across the server.
Vehicle Commands – If vehicles are enabled
Vehicles must remain locked in order to be able to use these commands. Please ensure that you have locked your vehicle if it has temporarily been inside your backpack inventory.
/gv bicycleRetrieve your bicycle
/gv bikeRetrieve your minibike
/gv motorcycleRetrieve your motorcycle
/gv jeepRetrieve your jeep
/gv gyrocopterRetrieve your gyrocopter
Shop CommandsDescriptionCostTimeout / Cooldown
Find out how many Deadbucks you have.
/shopThe server will pm you the /shop details.  Purchases can be made directly from there and will go into your backpack inventory.
/claimIf you have made a purchase from the website, use this command to receive your item(s).  Item(s) should go directly into your backpack inventory.  More than 10 items require a repeat use of the /claim command.
/claimlistList all of the items purchased in the website version of the shop, but not yet claimed in game.
Other CommandsDescriptionCostTimeout / Cooldown
/spawnTravel to the central hub.  A safe area with traders, resource pits and communication of important server information / updates.1 min
/hotelTravel to a safe, compact, hotel-style accomodation for all players. Players offline for 14 days may have their rooms cleared.1 min
/lobbyA safe area within the /spawn with lots of helpful information about our rules and server commands.1 min
/killzoneA community building, designed for players to group up and kill zombies together.1 min
/plazaA community building, designed for players to set up a shop to sell items1 min
/screamersSpawn a group of screamers at killzone.  Keep them alive so that they will call in 3 waves of zombies.250 DB10 min

Public Teleports:

When you make a public teleport, please ensure that you name it something unique, not something others would use (definitely NOT “home”).