• Thu. May 16th, 2024

Dead Zone PVE

A 7 days to die game server


Welcome to Dead Zone PvE!

We are very focused on having a community-oriented and fun experience for all players.  Any trolling and griefing is dealt with swiftly.  Check out this page for information about the server, and check out the rules page to see what rules to follow in-game.

Our Team


  • Robfly: Owner, Modder, Builder. First point of contact for issues related to donations / payments.


  • Libby: Retired 
  • StompinUrGutz: Customer Relations, Builder. Events organiser.
  • Buzzaard: Customer Relations, Builder
  • Dare77: Customer Relations, Builder
  • Future Vision: Customer Relations, Builder


  • Helo: Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation.
  • Dogman Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation.
  • Seanieboy Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation.
  • OneMustStand: Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation.
  • Blabuk: Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation
  • Humblecard: Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation
  • clickpopclick: Customer Relations, Hotel room allocation

Server Icons (updated 02/13/19)

We have a custom set of files that you will need to install to get the full experience on our server. 

To install them manually, Click on this zip  to download.

To install the files automatically, Click on this zip to download then upzip and run it.

To watch a video on how to install the icon pack, 

Spawn, Hotel and Lobby

Our community hub is called Spawn.  To get there, type /spawn in the in-game chat.  Here you will find teleport stations, a workroom, traders and unlimited resource pits for players to use.

We usually have a Hotel, specifically created for new players to have a safe place to store their items and craft while they look around for somewhere to build.  To get there, type /hotel in chat, and talk to an Admin in game to get a room.

The Lobby is a dedicated area within Spawn that displays our rules and commands.  Type /lobby to get there.

Spawn and Hotel are safe areas.

Server Settings

Number of land claims5
Land claim size51 x 51 with a 25 deadzone (revised 7th July)
Land claim duration60 days
Drop on deathNothing
Zombie difficulty5
Max zombies100
Max animals 150
Loot resetEvery 5 in-game days
Air dopsEvery 3 in-game days
Server RebootsAutomatically every 2 Hours (except horde night)
Day length1 game day = 120 minutes IRL

What can you expect on Dead Zone PvE?

ZombiesIncreased spawns, custom zombies, boss zombies
AnimalsIncreased spawns
Stack sizesIncreased up to 6000
VotecrateVote for the server and receive a crate of goodies
CSMMTeleports, additional currency and custom commands
EventsFun server events with rare prizes
RecipesLoads of enhanced tools and weapons and items normally accessed from the creative menu
Community BuildingsSafe areas for players to hang out, trade, kill zombies together

General Mods

Rebalanced progressionMax player level is set to 500
CommerceEarn deadbucks for zombie kills and time spent in game.
Rebalanced loot tablesReworked the system for giving out custom parts and items.
Updated food costs, recipes and crop yieldsOptimised and balanced.
FishingCraft a fishing pole and go fishing in any water source. 
Respawnable cars /vehiclesDismantle cars all the way and they will respawn after some time.

A19 More complex mods

With each new alpha, the server owner carefully reworks and rebuilds our mods.  Some of our usual mods are already implemented. Others will be back after the stable version of the alpha is released.

Additional tiers of weaponsAll your usual favourites, with the addition of Diamond and Ruby versions with increased damage and durability.
Rapid fire weapons with unusual ammoIncludes the Duke gun, Snow gun and Stone gun.
Auto machinesUse the autominer, autowoodcutter and animal snares and collect materials in the safety of your own base. 
Additional tiers of toolsAll of the usual tools have a diamond and ruby version for increased durability, speed and block damage.
Additional tiers of armorCraft diamond and ruby versions of steel, military and iron armor with increased armor rating, resistances and durability.
Large range of decorative blocksCustomise your base with many of the blocks that are usually only available in the creative menu.
Decorative plantsMake your own decorative flowers and trees.
GrasscutterA modded tool used to collect plant fibers at lightning speed.
Modded lighting blocksEnhance your base with a number of unusual blocks including gutterlights, campfire glass, flameglass, glowglass and torchglass.
Coloured light blocksUse your Deadbucks to create an exciting range of coloured lights, including red, blue, lightblue, orange, green, purple, pink, yellow and white.
Advanced block upgradesUse your diamonds and rubies to enhance your blocks with increased durability.
Rapid set concreteModded to dry almost instantly!
Junction blockHide unattractive wiring using these custom blocks.
Custom cropsCocoa, wheat, apples, tomatoes, almonds, blackbeans, carrots, peach, sugar and supercorn.
Custom food and drinksA huge range of fun and yummy things to make like nachos and icecream.
Lightning speed drinksTravel up to 50% faster with royal flush and redbull.
Custom boss zombiesChallenge yourself or form a team to fight a boss zombie.
Legendary weapons and toolsFun items like Jason’s machete adn Negan’s Lucille are periodically added.

Over 200 Custom Food and Drinks

MilkshakesIcecreamChocolate chip cookiesPeach pie
Apple fritterApple pieBaklavaGelato
MuffinsBrownies“Special Brownies”Cheesecake
DonutsPancakesFruit saladHoney buns
French friesFried fishFried RiceNachos
BLTCheeseburgerChicken tikka masalaChip butty
HaggisMeaty pizzaPemmicanScrambled eggs