• Fri. May 17th, 2024

Dead Zone PVE

A 7 days to die game server


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Dead Zone PvE! 

Donations are greatly appreciated and help towards the cost of hosting the server and website, and payment of CSMM. 

Send a DM to Robfly if you have any questions, and please contact Robfly if

your enjin name does not match your player name.

Please see below for further descriptions of the different perks offered.

Dead Zone PVE Subscription
Enter In Game Name Please
Non- DonorsStandard DonorSubscriber +VIP PACKAGE
Priority spot in game (reserved slot)*NoNoYes
Type of paymentManualAutomatic / recurring
CostFree$25$15 / month
Bonus itemsYour choice of:
 Ultra Auger or
Ultra AK47 or
Ultra M60 or
Ultra Nailgun or
Ultra Baseball bat ONCE ONLY
You get a “Sub Box” every time the server wipes. Contains:
Base in a box – enough stuff to build your own base.
Ultra Auger, Ultra AK47, Ultra M60, Ultra Nailgun, and Ultra Baseball bat.
Personal Trader machine
See below for more!

Priority game slot: A priority game slot offers players the opportunity to gain access to the server when it is very busy.  Players that are not subscribed, will get kicked from the game to make room for you to play.

Personal trader machine: This in-game mod / machine can be placed conveniently in your hotel room or base and enables you to buy and sell quickly at your leisure.

One Vending machine: One Vending machine so you can start your own store and sell to other players.

Base in a box: Base in a box is a perk for subscriber plus level players.  Each wipe, we’ll give you a sub box, containing a randomized assortment of concrete blocks, plates, ramps, stairs, pillars, ladders, hatches, doors and tools.  You’ll be able to create your ideal post-apocalyptic bunker on Day1.

Bonus items (specialty tools and weapons): We are currently offering a choice of Ultra Auger, or Ultra AK47, or Ultra M60, or Ultra Nailgun , or Ultra Baseball Bat for Donors. Subscribers will receive all.  This/these item(s) cannot be sold or given away and is/are intended for use by the Donator / Subscriber only.  The Ultra tier is equivalent to the modded ruby tier of tools and weapons. The ultra items are affected by RNG.  Here are some examples of the stats that you might see (Ref Stats are random but close to Ruby level):

The top tier subscription level is called subscriber plus and offers the most benefits for players that donate to the server.

Whilst we aim to keep this information up to date, donation options and perks may change over time. Please contact server owner Robfly if you have any questions or concerns about donating to the server.

* The reserved slot mechanism is managed by CSMM software and does not always guarantee a reserved game slot.