• Fri. May 17th, 2024

Dead Zone PVE

A 7 days to die game server


The Rules of Dead Zone

Dead Zone PvE is a fun, community-based server where anybody can play.  Our rules are guidelines for both players and admins.  Please direct any questions to Robfly (owner) or any of the Admins.  Violating any of the rules below will result in an immediate ban, unless specified otherwise. We have a strong stance on drop mining and no PVP.

You will need to log in regularly to help ensure that CSMM retains your player information (Deadbucks currency).

1: DeadZone is a PvE server – While harming other players is turned off, you can still hurt others with some ammunition or explosives.  There is no PVP just for fun on this server. Players that are observed to be engaging in PVP activity will be banned. Please contact an admin to report PVP activity. 

2: Hacking – Using software or exploits to manipulate the server, or items on the server, is strictly prohibitted.

3: Duping – Using game glitches to obtain extra copies of items in game is strictly prohibited.  If this happens by accident, drop the offending item.  Admins will periodically and randomly check player storages for duped items.

4: Machine and Block Limits – A base is defined by your structure, not by your LCB.  A giant base spanning multiple LCBs is still one base.  Sharing a base with friends counts as one base.  Limits are in place to optimise server performance. The limits are:

  • AutoMiners, woodcutters, animal snares, rock crusher machine and synthetic diamond machine – These are no longer permitted at the hotel.  You can have a combined total of 50 machines in your Emerald Apartment (if you have one).  There are no longer any limits on the number of automachines at player bases.
  • Forges, campfires, chemistry stations, working stoves and ovens – Combined total of all machines, 15 per base (Revised 9th July 2019).  Any further machines of this type need to be placed at a base that is in a separate map region.  It’s not okay to build a base on the intersection of multiple regions, in order to bypass this rule.
  • Trees – MAX 25 trees per base.  This includes trees that have seeded naturally, tree seeds you plant and trees that you have crafted for decoration.  Players that deliberately attempt to bypass this rule, by mass planting just outside their LCBs will be perceived as breaking this rule.

5: Raiding Bases – Raiding bases is prohibited. We discourage players entering another player’s base without an invitation. This applies even if there is no active land claim. Expired claims (red outline on map) are considered fair game.

  • DO NOT go onto someone’s base and try to open their doors/containers. 
  • DO NOT nerd pole/ladder into someone else’s base if you are not friends. 
  • Reduce the likelihood of raiding by ensuring you lock your doors and chests.  Admins will not replace items lost which were not securely stored. Gun safes, wall safes and desk safes are NOT secure as they can be opened with lockpicks, even on claimed land.
  • Please report any incidents of raiding immediately.

6: Prefabs –

  • DO NOT claim, edit, or destroy any premade structures (prefabs), or the loot containers contained within. 
  • DO NOT lay your bedroll in a prefab.  Bedrolls prohibit players completing Quests.
  • DO NOT excavate under a prefab.
  • Please do NOT set teleports in the main loot areas of prefabs, especially those with the main loot on the roof. There have been a number of complaints about players trying to do a quest, and when they get to the end, someone has already been there and taken the goodies. We really want to discourage this. Any teleports set there will be removed. Persistence will lead to a ban from the server. This rule includes flying in a gyrocopter to grab the loot on roofs of large pois.  Do not do it. Thank you.

7: In-game Conduct –  The following rules apply to the in-game text chat, as well as the local / voice chat feature.  We maintain a family-friendly environment, and the chat needs to remain “PG”.  Players that use offensive language, engage in sexually explicit discussion, racism, sexism, drugs references, or general harassment can receive a warning or a temporary ban.   English, is the only language permitted in chat.  Spamming the chat, excessive use of caps lock, persistent begging or trolling will result in a ban.  You cannot use our server to recruit players for your own personal server.  You cannot switch your player skin to a boss model.

8. Lootbox seeding and other nuisance behaviour: Players caught adding unwanted items to lootboxes create a nuisance for other players.  Players should not have to double loot a box or gain an inventory of stacks of stone etc, for your personal convenience. Players detected adding unwanted items to lootboxes, especially at the Admin-built community buildings will be banned.  Nuisance behaviour also includes placing traps / barbed wire on roads. Please kite the zombies off the roads if you intend to use traps.

9: Player name: This is a friendly online community and your player name is important.  Your name needs to contain atleast three consecutive characters.  Punctuation can affect your ability to use the teleport system and cannot be used.  If your name is not unique, inappropriate (Admin / Moderator discretion) or advertises a 3rd-party site, we will insist that you change it.  Refusal will result in a ban.

10: Building Bases and exploring the world: 

  • DO NOT build a base in a city or town.
  • DO NOT claim, build any structures, or excavate in the 150 blocks around spawn.
  • DO NOT place your land claim within 70 blocks of a city, town, Trader building or existing prefab.
  • DO NOT claim or edit prefabs, at all. 
  • DO NOT place a land claim in or overlapping a prefab.  This includes caves and buildings with lootable objects.
  • When placing a claim near the world’s edge, ensure the edge of the claim is not within 10 blocks of the world’s edge.  Building within that last 10 blocks affects stability and is prohibited.
  • DO NOT jump off the edge of the map.  As you approach the edge, you may receive a pm from the server, warning you that jumping the world’s edge will result in a ban. You may also receive a shock or stun if you are close to the edge.
  • DO NOT build over or under any roads or bridges, or restrict access to other players. Ensure your claim is set back far enough so that your base defences are not on the road.
  • DO NOT build zombie spawners next to other players’ bases, or next to POIs.  These belong in the wasteland.
  • DO NOT build or behave in any way which causes nuisance to other players. 
  • DO NOT claim empty bases unless given permission to do so. 
  • Mining in cities is permitted, but not underneath prefabs and only if the area is part of a reset zone.

11. Vehicles: Vehicles add a considerable additional load to the server and can result in performance and stability issues. Periodically, we reintroduce vehicles to test vehicle mechanics and the resultant performance and server stability. When vehicles are enabled, the following rules apply:

  • When your vehicles glitches underground or disappears altogether, Admins and Moderators will often be too busy to help you retrieve your vehicle, and we will not replace it when it is lost. 
  • Players can retrieve their own vehicles using the commands found on the commands tab.
  • Please ensure that you have locked your vehicle once it’s crafted, so the the server correctly assigns ownership of the vehicle to you.   Players take full responsibility for their own vehicles.
  • Players must take due care not to leave the edge of the map. 
  • Please do not interfere with another player’s vehicle, doing so may be interpreted as griefing and will result in a ban.

12: Air Drops – The first person to the air drop, standing on the ground, gets it.  When there are 2 or 3 crates dropping, you do not get dibs on all of them.  Stand under the one you are claiming, and if nobody else comes to the other ones after you open yours, proceed to claim the other crates.  Shooting down crates, grabbing crates in a gyrocopter, or stacking frames to steal a crate from somebody, is strictly prohibitted.

13: Drop Mining – Drop mining is strictly prohibited and is defined as cutting under a large chunk of ground, to let the ground above fall down, in order to clear a large area.  You can do smaller pieces of land up to 125 blocks.  This is an area, equivalent to 5x5x5 blocks only.  Any action, intentional or otherwise, that causes more than 125 blocks to fall will be counted as drop mining. Dropping large sections causes the server to stutter and even stop while the blocks are falling.  This may lead to region / map corruption and result in an unplanned wipe of the map.  Please do not mine large caverns which tend to collapse into even larger holes.  Players are expected to follow safe mining and building practices, using frames for support etc.

14 – Trading and Commerce – There are some modded items that cannot be sold or added to your personal vending machines. Currently these include all of our diamond and ruby books.  You can give these away or organise to trade them with other players.

15 – Killzone – Killzone is a community space where players can fight zombies together.  Due to the nature of game mechanics related to explosive weapons, weapons that create an explosive effect cannot be used at this area.  This includes, but is not limited to rocket launchers, grenades, molotovs, and land mines.  Turrets including junk turrets must not be placed at Killzone at any time.  Players must take due care at Killzone to ensure that their actions do not result in harm / death to other players.  Any player action detected as malicious or deliberately careless may result in a ban.

16 – Using block exploits – The use of block exploits to bypass normal SI mechanics is not permitted.  Whereas “floating” bases can be made with opposing plates or ramps, blocks that cannot be hit / damaged by zombies cannot be used to build your base.  Specifically, but not limited to, players cannot build bases / structures on top of drawbridges or doors.  Players cannot exploit other individual block mechanics that faciltate a structure not falling when it is supposed to (according to usual SI rules).

Spawn, Hotel and Deluxe Apartments

Spawn is the name of our common safe area containing traders, workstations, teleports, and resources pits for players to use.  The hotel and deluxe apartments have their own set of rules to follow, outlined below:

Rule 1: Land Claims/Bases – Keep your landclaims / bases well away from spawn and the hotels.  There is normally a wall up to give you an indication of how far out you should build.  If there is no wall, keep at least 150 blocks away.  No land claiming, building of any structures or excavation in this area.

Rule 2: Hotel rooms – Hotel rooms are free and provided to support new players. To get a room, contact an Admin or Moderator in-game.  If you change your in-game name and we do not know who owns the room, we will try to find out.  If we cannot identify the owner, the room will be cleared.  Rooms will be cleared and reassigned after 14 days of absence from the server.  You cannot add any extra cooking stations to your hotel room.  This includes chemstations.  You can no longer add any automachines to the hotel rooms.

Rule 3: Deluxe Apartments – The Deluxe Apartment is a perk for top level supporters / subscribers of the server.  If your subscription lapses, we will relocate your stored items to the hotel.  You cannot add extra cooking machines to your Deluxe Apartment. You can add a max total of 50 automachines (all types combined).  Painting and decorating inside your apartment is LIMITED TO THE WORKROOM AND VAULT ONLY.  Modifying the external structure of the apartment building is NOT permitted – therefore you cannot add ladders etc.

Rule 4: Missions & Quests – Be courteous when someone is trying to complete a mission.  Leave the area until they are finished, and do not steal their loot/kills.  

Rule 5: Public Work Areas at Spawn – Please be thoughtful of other players who are working at Spawn.  Whilst each player is personally responsible to mind their own work area, sometimes players get kicked from the game and find their items stolen when they log in again.   If you see items left in workstations, do not remove them and alert an Admin if they are online.  Blocks and machines cannot be added to the spawn area.

The owner and admins at Dead Zone PvE reserve the right to alter, remove, or add to any of these rules at any time, without notice.  Enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of the admins.